Friday, May 15, 2015

Sacred Longing


Today I witnessed beauty that reminded me of a sacred longing.  It was beauty that I wanted not just to gaze upon but ingest, absorb, and somehow become a part of.  It stirred desire in me that often lies dormant or at least rests below the surface of conscious desire.  To be aware of and feel this longing all the time would require a bigger heart; one capable of greater suffering and deeper, more selfless love.  So for me, I welcome and cherish these occasional blessed moments.

I walked outside this morning to start the car to take my son to school.  The ground was still wet and the wind was blowing away thunder clouds after an early morning storm.  Clouds in the west were dark and heavy, but the rest of the sky was lightly clouded.  In the east, the morning sun was casting light on the yard along with shadows as it hadn’t completely broken through the clouds.  It was perfect conditions for a rainbow.  But for a few brief seconds as I waited for my son, I noticed raindrops falling.  They were so light and small I hadn’t even noticed them as I walked to the car.  But now the morning sun, peering through the clouds, shining its joyful morning beams, illumined the raindrops and transformed them into tiny, sparkling diamonds falling silently to the ground. 

It was a transcendent moment.  An eternal moment.  A moment that left me speechless and beckoned me to look beyond what my eyes can see.  It was a breathtaking moment that reminded me that there is more.  There is Perfect Beauty.  Beauty that will not stir a longing but rather will satisfy all longings and produce unending joy.